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Secure and Lightweight containers with Red Hat
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Why # The release of applications through lightweight containers has practical advantages, as the images contain all the dependencies necessary for the correct functioning of the application.
Use AWS Credentials in a Dev Container
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If you work with AWS, you must have used AWS credentials at least once to run commands through the AWS CLI, CDK CLI, or SAM CLI.


Dev Container Setup for Hugo
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Some weeks ago, I spoked about the benefits of using Dev Containers in Open Source projects.
Simplifying Open Source Contributions with Dev Containers
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During my first two weeks at Cloud Enablers I have started to look into Development Containers, among other things.
Reliability pillar: How do you manage Service Quotas and constraints?
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In the previous article of this series, we delved into the Reliability pillar structure, describing the Design Principles and the structure of the best practices.
Reliability pillar - The structure
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In the introduction article of this series, I have described the AWS Well-architected Framework structure and how to use it to evaluate your architectures.
Series - The Well-Architected Framework: Reliability pillar
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If you work with AWS you are likely familiar with the AWS Well-Architected Framework and understand how crucial it is to periodically evaluate your system using this framework to ensure its stability and efficiency.
Use Conditions to create reusable CloudFormation templates
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Raise your hand if you’ve struggled at least once while trying to write CloudFormation templates that can be resusable across different environments 🤚.
Use Amazon CloudFront to serve HTTPS for your S3-hosted website
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In this article, we will explore how to leverage Amazon CloudFront to serve your S3-hosted website over HTTPS, enhancing security and delivering a seamless user experience.
Use a custom domain for you Amazon S3 static website
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In this article, I will show you how to use a custom domain for your Amazon S3 static website.